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AUTOTERM 30SP-24 is a highly powerful coolant heater also known as a water heater that operates independently from the engine.

This heater generates 30 kW heat output and is designed for pre-start heating of large engines, hydraulic systems, radiators, and various heat-exchanging systems.

AUTOTERM 30SP-24 operates on diesel fuel and 24V DC.

In extremely cold climates, the pre-heater AUTOTERM 30SP-24 also works as an auxiliary heater keeping the engine coolant to the required operating temperature.

Recommended application: large trucks, buses, heavy equipment, liquid/hydraulic systems, marine vessels with coolant systems more than 20 L / 5.3 gal.
  • Heater is controlled with ON/OFF switch.
  • Automatic coolant temperature control:
    – CUT-OFF coolant temperature is 88°C / 190°F – STAND-BY mode with a coolant circulation pump in operation
    – CUT-IN coolant temperature is 72°C / 161°F
  • Inbuilt self-diagnostic system with the malfunction code indication.
  • Comprehensive automatic over-heat protection system.